Daniela Miljan

Daniela MiljanDaniela Miljan, Director of Aspiria Ltd and senior faculty member at ISOD. Graduated Marketing and Business Administration at the University of Pula. Graduate of the international School of Personal and Organizational Development (Dr. Robert Duras, Pula, Croatia, 2003). Accredited Executive Coach by the International Coach Federation – graduated at the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, UK. Faculty member of the Academy, teaching Diploma Program in Executive Coaching from 2009-2013.

Worked as a Training Manager for Atlantic Trade, one of the largest East-European food wholesalers (organizational structure and process design, training and controlling for sales, marketing, logistics and warehouse). Introduced customer categorization to the Croatian wholesale companies.

As a Senior Training Manager at Konzum (largest Croatian retail chain), designed and implemented strategy for national retail operations. Lead organization development processes in acquired companies within Agrokor group: Konzum acquisitions, Ledo, Jamnica, Sarajevski Kiseljak (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Frikom (Serbia). Participated in Customer Relationship strategy development and organizational restructuring in Konzum.

Joined M SAN Group in 2005, a multinational IT and consumer electronics wholesaler to lead organization development of the group: development of Human Resources Management, Customer Relationship Management, Regional Business Development and Supply Chain Management. Established and lead the strategic planning process at M SAN Group. Worked as expat CEO of Kim TEC (M SAN Group member) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2009 works as OD consultant and executive coach and mentor in her company, Aspiria Ltd. Daniela’s specialty is working with senior board members of multinational corporations in diverse industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, IT & Telecommunications, Logistics, Retail and FMCG, Media, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutics, Professional Services, etc. Certified Trainer and mentor for Austrian Chamber of Commerce training organization WIFI. Senior faculty member at the Integral School of Organization Development, postgraduate level education in OD and Mentoring. Founder of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) chapter in Croatia. Daniela is also very active in sports – for 12 years she trained volleyball and today is still skiing, sailing, surfing, running, horseback riding and practicing yoga. She also enjoys singing, meditates regularly (Mahamudra & Dzogchen) and lives with her husband Ivan and daughter Ivona in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia.


  • 10/2014 EMCC Assessor Training for Coaches and Mentors, Amsterdam, NL
  • 11/2012 BIG 5 Trainer Training, PI Company, Vienna, AU
  • 09/2012 LENA Training Method, WIFI, CRO
  • 05/2012 Body psychotherapy, John Waterston, CRO
  • 03/2012 Business systemic constellations, SIKON, CRO
  • 10/2011 Integral Incubator with Ken Wilber; Boulder Integral, US
  • 05/2011 Systemic Constellation Workshop; Systemic Connections, CRO
  • 02/2011 Brainwave Profiling & Neurofeedback; Anna Wise Center, US
  • 2010-2011 Essential and Advanced Integral Theory Training; Core Integral, US
  • 10/2010 HR Management Arena Conference; Infoarena, CRO
  • 09-10/2010 Potential Analysis using Psychometric Instruments, WIFI, Vienna, AU
  • 09/2010 EMCC Assessor Training and Certification; EMCC, Athens, GRE
  • 06/2010 European Mentoring and Coaching Council; Paris, FRA
  • 02/2010 Ericssonian Hypnotherapy Workshop; Hank Lawrence, US
  • 09/2009 Executive Coaching Conference 2009; AoEC, London, UK
  • 03-10/2009 Executive Tuning Academy; Sentia INT, CRO
  • 05/2009 IMAGO Relationships Workshop; Facultas, CRO
  • 05/2009 Essential and Advanced Psychological Kinesiology; Chris Walton, CRO
  • 08/2008 Wingwave Coaching; Besser-Siegmund Institut, CRO
  • 2006-2007 NLP in Psychotherapy, EANLP, CRO
  • 2006-2007 Diploma in Executive Coaching; Academy of Executive Coaching, UK
  • 2006 Train The Trainer, WIFI Certified Trainer, WIFI Österreich, Vienna, AU
  • 04/2005 HRD 2005: People and Organizational Development Conference, UK
  • 2002-2005 Škola za osobni i organizacijski razvoj, Pula, CRO
  • 1992-1998 Sveučilište u Puli, Fakultet Ekonomije i Turizma, CRO

Life, study, contemplation, meditation and interest in sports: