Ivan Miljan

Ivan Miljan

Ivan Miljan, Director of Aspiria Ltd and senior faculty member at ISOD. After finishing Technical School “Ruđer Bošković”, he studied IT engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb, during and after which he worked for 5 years within a Microsoft community as a systems engineer, trainer, trainer of Microsoft trainers and the Director of Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center. This part of his career Ivan devoted to technology and engineering, giving lectures at courses, boot camps and conferences, working on projects and writing articles about frontier information and communication systems. At that time he graduated E-Learning Management at the postgraduate study of the University of British Columbia, organized by Croatian Academic and Research Network. He is a SFIA Accredited Consultant for the information age skills development and holds a Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, UK.

In 2003 he joined M SAN Group (King ICT), a multinational IT and consumer electronics wholesaler, as a Business Development Manager responsible for development of Education Services and co-development of IT Solutions. He established the largest technical training center in the Adriatic region and led three strategic e-Government projects: “e-Learning”, “e-Classroom” and “ECDL for IT Literacy”. They included more than 450 trainers, 800.000 users, a national e-Learning System “Nikola Tesla” (military standards certified in Wisconsin, USA), e-learning courseware package ECDLBox (received “Croatian Creation” recognition from Croatian Chamber of Commerce) and Universal natural sciences curriculum. This was at the time the most complex e-Education project portfolio deployed in the world. Ivan led several enterprise-level IT integration projects for King ICT, in Croatia and in the region, in INA (Oil and Gas Industry), HEP (Energy), HŽ (Transportation) and several government ministries.

In 2007 he moved from business development to general management and until May 2009 worked as a Director of Regional Development, leading organization development of international companies within KING ICT group (Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo) with a first-hand expat experience in all aspects of international mobility.

Since 2009 Ivan is an owner of OD consulting and executive coaching and mentoring company Aspiria. With primary field of interest in OD, he works with leadership and management of mostly multinational corporations in diverse industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, IT & Telecommunications, Logistics, Retail and FMCG, Media, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutics, Professional Services, etc. He is a faculty member at the Integral School of Organization Development, postgraduate level education in OD and Mentoring. Married to Daniela Miljan, they live with their daughter Ivona in an entrepreneurial Croatian city of Sveta Nedelja. He is formally trained in Tibetan meditation traditions.


  • 2012-2020 Nine year study of meditation, Shechen, Bodhgaya, IN
  • 10/2014 EMCC Assessor Training for Coaches and Mentors, Amsterdam, NL
  • 11/2012 BIG 5 Trainer Training, PI Company, Vienna, AU
  • 09/2012 LENA Training Method, WIFI, CRO
  • 05/2012 Body psychotherapy, John Waterston, CRO
  • 03/2012 Business systemic constellations, SIKON, CRO
  • 10/2011 Integral Incubator with Ken Wilber; Boulder Integral, US
  • 05/2011 Systemic Constellation Workshop; Systemic Connections, CRO
  • 02/2011 Brainwave Profiling & Neurofeedback; Anna Wise Center, US
  • US 2010-2011 Essential and Advanced Integral Theory Training; Core Integral, US
  • 10/2010 HR Management Arena Conference; Infoarena, CRO
  • 09-10/2010 Potential Analysis using Psychometric Instruments, WIFI, Vienna, AU
  • 09/2010 EMCC Assessor Training and Certification; EMCC, Athens, GRE
  • 06/2010 European Mentoring and Coaching Council; Paris, FRA
  • 02/2010 Ericssonian Hypnotherapy Workshop; Hank Lawrence, US
  • 09/2009 Executive Coaching Conference 2009; AoEC, London, UK
  • 03-10/2009 Executive Tuning Academy; Sentia INT, CRO
  • 05/2009 IMAGO Relationships Workshop; Facultas, CRO
  • 05/2009 Essential and Advanced Psychological Kinesiology; Chris Walton, CRO
  • 08/2008 Wingwave Coaching; Besser-Siegmund Institut, CRO
  • 2008 Yacht Master training and licensing; AdriaMare, Port Authority Šibenik
  • 2007-2008 NLP in Therapy; European Association for NLP Psychotherapy, CRO
  • 2007-2008 Diploma in Executive Coaching; Academy of Executive Coaching, UK
  • 05/2007 Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances; Rice University, USA and ZŠEM
  • 02/2007 Developing Corporate Strategy using Balanced Scorecard; PUMA, CRO
  • 10-11 2007 Training for brokers, investment advisors and fund managers; HANFA
  • 09/2006 SCORM Technology Certification; ADL, Wisconsin, USA
  • 06/2006 HR Selection and Interviewing; Methodus, Zagreb, CRO
  • 2005-2006, Univ. of British Columbia study in E-Learning Management; CRO
  • 11/2005 Competitive Intelligence, Competitor Analysis; Global Intelligence Alliance
  • 09/2005 SFIA Accredited Consultant Training; SFIA Foundation, London, UK
  • 11/2005 Power Reading Course; School Katarina Zrinski, InOptimum, CRO
  • 08/2004 ECDL Test and Certification; KING ICT, Zagreb, CRO
  • 10/2003 MSF Certified Practitioner Test and Certification; M SAN, CRO
  • 07/2002 Microsoft MCSE Test and Certification; IT Center, CRO
  • 05/2002 Microsoft MCSA Test and Certification; IT Center, CRO
  • 02/2003 Windows 2003 Technical Readiness Training; Prag, CZ
  • 02/2003 Secure Connected Infrastructure Expert Workshop; Teched, CRO
  • 10/2002 Implementing and Managing MS Exchange Server 2k; IT Center, CRO
  • 06/2002 Deploying and Managing ISA Server 2000; IT Center, CRO
  • 04/2002 MSF – Principles of Application Development; IT Center, CRO
  • 03/2002 Implementing Win2k Network Infrastructure; IT Center, CRO
  • 02/2002 Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Test and Certification; Microsoft, CRO
  • 02/2002 Microsoft System Builder Specialist Test and Certification; IT Center, CRO
  • 10/2002 Windows XP Technical Readiness Training; ReproMS, SLO
  • 02/2002 CompTIA Network+ Support Professional Training; IT Center, CRO
  • 10/2001 Microsoft MCP Test and Certification; IT Center, CRO
  • 07/2001 CompTIA A+ Support Professional Training; IT Center, CRO
  • 06/2001 Microsoft Certified Train the Trainer Course; IT Center, CRO
  • 1998-2002 Electrical Engineering (Telco & IT major), Univ. of Applied Sciences, CRO
  • 1994-1998 Technical education in IT, Technical School Ruđer Bošković, CRO

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