ODM Statements

Learn about the ODM Program from the words of our students:

“…ODM is one of the greatest experiences in my lifelong education and development journey.” – J.Hošo, Ph.D.

“…Friendship and support, along with learning, are the greatest treasure I got from ODM!” – M.Brzović, M.Sc.

Amra Ajanović PerićDevelopment, efficiency, focus, feedback, individual, team, structure, intuition, values, leadership, excellence… are just a few of the concepts I will forever carry with me from ODM. Since my background is private enterprise, with all the experience and knowledge I got, I have considerably enriched my perspective on company development, innovation, business opportunities – both from a strategic and operational point of view.

Through comprehensive and substantial lectures, interactions between students, engaging exercises and discourses, I have deepened my insight into the complexity of topics I meet every day in my work. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to everyone willing to learn and explore themselves and organizations in a completely new and intriguing way. – Amra Ajanović Perić (IDEO Dizajn, 2014)

Monika Brzović“During my coaching sessions with Daniela in the organization I worked, as I was trying to better understand the problems my organization was struggling with, I realized that developing understanding of oneself and others is exactly the area I wanted to go deeper into. Working as a Member of the Board, I felt for quite some time a desire to make some changes, but at the same time I was aware that changes don’t happen overnight. My goal was not only to learn more, but also to better manage my reactions and emotions, as well as better understand those of my colleagues. The opportunity showed itself in the form of Integral School of Organization Development, which helped me make a lot of small steps and go down that long and rewarding path.

The time at ODM was challenging. Topics and their flow motivated me to work on myself, something I used to never have enough time or skill to do. ODM stepped in and gave me the necessary skills and motivation to tackle that, which for me was a very demanding and very rewarding task. I saw how much corporate culture, which I was shaping and conveying, was important if an organization wants to be faster, better and greater. Working with my peers, both during and between modules, helped me learn and develop new skills. People I met in ODM supported me on my way, and through their sharing of their own experiences I could reflect on myself and learn from these newfound precious friends. Friendship and support, along with learning, are the greatest treasure I got from ODM! – Monika Brzović (Societe Generale Insurance, 2013)

Darko Cesar“I came to ODM because I knew Ivan and Daniela. I knew them from the time when I was the President of the Board in a multinational insurance company and I worked with them as OD consultants on restructuring the sales and changing the company culture. It was a complex process that lasted 3.5 years but was ultimately highly successful. During that time we got to know each other very well and it was obvious that we shared the same interest in continuous learning and applying that learning into practice. When I came to ODM, the modules were so captivating that I completely disconnected from my busy schedule and everyday problems, devoting that time exclusively to the topics we were working on. And every now and then, I would catch myself having a moment of clarity, a moment when you realize you are looking at the same world but with completely “different eyes”. Those were unbelievable experiences: something so usual, familiar and simple, seen in a totally different way. Even better part of that experience was when I would look around and realize that I was sharing it with a lot of other people; people from different industries, positions and challenges, but people who were joined by this interest in becoming better human beings and giving more to their companies, families, societies, surroundings.

It’s inspiring to realize that there exists so much and that we know so little. As my awareness of that grows, my humbleness grows with it. It opens me to new ways of seeing, to different ways in which people look at the world, and I simply want more. I eagerly expect changes in my life, knowing that ODM greatly contributed to that.– Darko Cesar (Private consulting practice, 2014)

Ljiljana Drenški Cvrtila“ODM attracted me out of curiosity and the need to learn something new. Since I shared years of excellent collaboration with faculty members, I believed that this would also be something they would deliver with highest standards of quality and performance – an expectation which proved to be correct.

In retrospect, the time I spent on ODM modules is the time that would not be worth spending anywhere else. My horizons opened and brought new perspectives and beautiful new people into my life. Everything I have been doing with organizations until now, and all the work on my own personal development, it all has new color and meaning. It’s as if some puzzles fit into their places, and that is what I treasure the most out of this experience.” – Ljiljana Drenški Cvrtila (Private psychotherapeutic and development practice, 2014)

Vlatko Cvrtila, VERN'“When I started to work as a Dean and Member of the Board of VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, I recognized the need to acquaint myself with topics that could provide answers to numerous questions I had about leading and managing an organization. Prior to joining ODM, I held a belief that personal development of a manager and his work in development of an organization were separate, distinct fields. It is clear to me now that one cannot be parted from the other, for they are bound together by and intricate web of interdependencies.

Personally, at ODM I felt a presence of unique energy that created a stimulating atmosphere for learning, opening and sharing, creativity and growth. I was surrounded by an incredible group of individuals, all of us with different careers and personalities, each of us individually and as a group contributing to our development. Model of experiential learning and individualized and group-oriented development pushed us to achieve visible results in much shorter time than any of the classic methods we were accustomed to. All of that helped me realize that changes are not only constant, but also necessary and should therefore not be avoided or postponed. Out of everything I got from ODM, insights and mastery of tools vital for governing personal and organizational changes is what I treasure the most.– Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D. (VERN’, Education industry, 2014)

Dubravka Horvat, Podravka“Excellent past experience and trust that I had in the faculty members Ivan and Daniela is what motivated me to come to ODM. They have for a long time now been guiding and following me as reliable companions on my journey through personal development, and I wanted to continue that development through new areas and within a group-learning context. Secondly, I was attracted by a great curriculum they put together, dealing with complex topics of human development as a foundation for understanding and developing organizations.

For me, ODM was an excellent investment of my time and energy. Inspiring people and topics, a lot of discussions and practical hands-on exercises… all of that helped me gain valuable insights into human and organizational development. On a personal note, ODM was a crucial incentive for my own change, both in business and in private life. For that, and for all the wonderful people I met in this school, who have made a lasting impression on my life, I am deeply grateful.” – Dubravka Horvat (Podravka, Food industry, 2014)

Jasmin Hošo, Ph.D., Wienerberger“After I finished my graduate and postgraduate studies, successfully obtained Ph.D. in Economic sciences and had a very intense business and university career, I was trying to find a way to keep my development vibrant. Organizational functioning and development were my permanent obsessions, but without sufficiently relevant answers. When I found out about the existence of Integral School of Organization Development, topics that the School covered and above all the experience of the faculty team, I was strongly motivated to attend the School.

Although there exist volumes of literature about leadership, ethics, emotional intelligence and their role in development and sustainability of organizations, the School and its excellent system of learning helped me become aware of the ways in which they are all integrated. It also illuminated for me a number of topics that were up until now distant, vague or disjointed, but extremely important for functioning of organizations and ourselves.

ODM helped me deepen my understanding of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are, and how to increase organizational efficiency with mentoring instead of pressure. ODM is one of the greatest experiences in my lifelong education and development journey.” – Jasmin Hošo, Ph.D. (Wienerberger, Production industry, 2014)

Kristijan Jakovina, Salveo“There came a point in my professional development when I asked myself: what should I work on next, what kind of education would be meaningful for me, what is it that I need in order to increase the quality and success of my work? The one thing I knew, was that I didn’t want to waste time and energy in conventional business schools. And then ODM was recommended to me by one of the alumni…

It was a time spent in true learning and personal development, with support and mentoring from my fellow students. Learning about humans as complex beings with multiple different lines of development, each and every one of which is important. Learning about the responsibilities of a leader in developing all the individuals within an organization, and organization as a whole. Now, after ODM, I can better understand the people I lead in my organization, and the greater self-awareness I developed makes it easier for me to overcome the challenges and difficulties that come with changes I manage within my organization.– Kristijan Jakovina (Salveo, Pharmaceutical industry, 2014)

Sanja Jevđenijević, Delhaize Group“We first initiated our OD intervention as Delta Maxi Group, one of the largest retail chains in Southeast Europe. This OD intervention was a preparation for what eventually turned into an acquisition of Delta Maxi Group by Delhaize Group, a multinational retail chain and a 1 billion Euro merger. Without the OD change management initiatives that were implemented on the way, more than 10.000 people that we employ would have undergone this process with immeasurably greater difficulties and with questionable end results. Today I am happy to say that with the help of our OD consultants, mentors and ultimately teachers at the ODM School, we have successfully managed this M&A process and the ensuing cultural integration with a global company of more than 100.000 employees. OD interventions helped us maintain the dynamic pace of company and people development, with high level of employee engagement and commitment toward achieving diligently our personal and professional goals. Everything I professionaly and personaly expected from ODM was ultimately greatly exceeded. Today, I am not only proud of ODM experience, I am proud to be able to call this group of people my friends.” – Sanja Jevđenijević (Delhaize Group Serbia, Retail industry, 2013)

Jelena Jezdimirović“Although I work in a multinational corporation, in one of the largest companies in the region and above all within an HR department, there were things I didn’t understand about organizations that were important to me. Why do some things happen at certain moments? How can people be blind to obvious fallacies of the solutions being proposed? Why am I so affected by certain decisions? Should I be affected? … When I talked to students of the previous generation, I saw that this is the school that can help me find my answers.

ODM is a very intense program, demanding complete dedication and attention, but nevertheless, I found myself eagerly expecting every single module. Besides having had the opportunity to meet exceptionally interesting, diverse, dynamic and open people, exchage experiences with them and learn from them, I also got the opportunity to get to know myself better, understand the changes in my organization and why they occur, and learn when I should stop trying to do the impossible.” – Jelena Jezdimirović (Delhaize Group Serbia, Retail industry, 2014)

Tomislav Klarić, Styria Media Group“At the time I got introduced to ODM, I was already in the process of personal development. I had an executive coach and, as our coaching was coming to a close, the results of that work were visible in my life. I had also learned how to use coaching skills to develop people in my team, so it was clear that the next step for me was to expand my knowledge and skills into the arena of organization development. Studying at ODM is remarkably demanding and challenging, and yet it is so dynamic and inspiring that it opened up the best in me. The group was diverse and stimulating in every respect. The most valuable thing I got from ODM was the awareness of depth, vastness and infinite complexity that lie beneath the obvious surface of organizations and humans. Now that I understand and see that complexity, it’s easier to always be at least one step ahead of it.” – Tomislav Klarić (Styria Media Group, Media industry, 2013)

Vladimir Kraljačić, Delhaize“I spent a year that preceded ODM engaged in a coaching process as a means of my personal development. That coaching was a unique experience which fulfilled all my expectations, first and foremost due to the people that lead the process. Considering they were also faculty members at ODM, I had no second thoughts when an opportunity arose to join ODM – although at the time I knew very little about it.

I would describe my time at ODM as a mental training, consisting of both mental exertion and mental relaxation. The program was diverse, dynamic and above all challenging. A group of people with very different personalities, coming from different businesses, and carrying with them great experience we selflessly share, was an extraordinary benefit. ODM helped me get a completely different perspective on the big picture of how people and organizations function. I’m sure it will help me improve my work and the work of people I’m leading, developing us all in the process. Development of our organization depends on the speed of our own development. I believe that ODM will play an important role on that road, and sincerely hope that in each of the subsequent generations there will be students from my organization.” – Vladimir Kraljačić (Delhaize Group Serbia, Retail industry, 2013)

Sanda Lončar, Styria“Daniela and Ivan worked with the company in which I was a Member of the Board, and as we went through the process of discovering our leadership potential and developing our leadership competencies, all of that expanded the way in which I looked at myself, at others and at the organization. It awakened within me a desire to continue exploring these insights and I believed that ODM could help me with that. And it did.

The time I spent at ODM was full of “aha!” moments, filled with self-reflection, feedbacks, brilliant discussions and learning from others. One especially valuable thing about ODM is that it attracts people from all kinds of organizations, positions and countries. If I should sum-up the most important thing I took with me from ODM, it would be an inner compass that helps me successfully navigate the complex world of organizations.” – Sanda Lončar (Styria Media Group, Media industry, 2014)

Marko Lučić, qLife“A while ago when I was at a social gathering, somebody asked me what motivated me to join ODM. I was confused for a moment, not really knowing how to answer that question. The best I could come up with was: ‘Actually, I’m not sure myself… I suppose it was just meant to be’. Although one astrologer at the beginning of 2013 told me I would “attend an excellent education”, the idea of going to some school, especially a school about leadership and organizational development, never even crossed my mind. During my nine years of creating and publishing qLife, a journal in leadership and OD, I got a chance to listen to all of the different theories and concepts. Another one? Noooo, thank you very much! Please, skip me. And yet, in the words of the wise Ramana: “Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it”, I found myself among the students of the first generation.

Writing these lines today and looking back, I can only thank the providence that brought me to people from which I have learned so many new things, who helped me improve my business and with which I joyfully continue to share my life’s journey. What more could one desire?” – Marko Lučić (qLife, Publishing industry, 2013)

Anamarija Minarski“My main motivation for joining ODM was a desire to develop personally in my organization and to understand the concept of OD, so that my contribution to the company could be greater. An extra motivator was a desire to learn from the masters of OD with which I previously collaborated on a project in Podravka. By watching them work when they were developing our sales, I saw that these are the people that know what they’re doing, and from which I want to absorb knowledge and experiences that would guide my future growth.

ODM was completely different from any of the educations I had ever attended, and as someone who works in HR, I attended and supervised a lot of educations, trainings and workshops. In ODM, I learned through personal experience and sharing with other students who had very rich backgrounds, high dedication towards development and motivation to contribute and encourage other people’s growth. Each module stretched, incited and inspired me, and the knowledge we got covered both individual and organizational development. Unlike other educations that in the end have a closed body of knowledge, ODM opens one level of complexity after the other, constantly expanding the horizon and where the edge of that horizon will be is determined individually by each student. In this vast complexity, ODM sets a solid foundation, gives an orienting framework and provides direction.

It’s difficult for me to single out just one or few of the most valuable things I got, but among those are the insights about myself, people around me, understanding human functioning within the context of an organization and the importance of continuous reflection. All of that gave me a new dimension of seeing myself, my organization and much broader areas. ODM has a great way of integrating group dynamics with delivery of knowledge, systemic development and personal and group reflections. It also achieves a very high level of openness to learning and acceptance of individual differences, all of which resulted in beautiful memories I created with beautiful people.” – Anamarija Minarski (Podravka, Food industry, 2013)

Mirna Radošević, Salveo“As a pharmaceutical company, we were used to developing our knowledge, skills and understanding of the market. For me as a leader, the big question was: ‘How do I motivate my people to work on their personalities, self-understanding, and to critically reflect on their work and themselves?’ That was the OD challenge that brought me to ODM. My ODM experience was dynamic and demanding, but at the same time deeply transforming. Wonderful people in my class created an encouraging, warm atmosphere which helped us all to focus, explore and experiment. In this year of study, I was able to see how exactly I influence my organization’s development as a leader, and witness my work grow from activities and goals to a very balanced way of living.” – Mirna Radošević, M.Sc. (Salveo, Pharmaceutical industry, 2013)

Alan Ramić, Aurantium“I was intrigued by the idea of being at the forefront of the emerging integral approach to development of business in Europe. Interdisciplinary studies and holistic approaches always appealed to me, and that comes to full expression at ODM. It’s an exciting feeling, being able to apply the most novel findings within the field of OD and use them to help myself and my clients.

No, the modules were not ‘perfect’. Many of the rules of business training were bluntly broken. There were times I had no clue to why we’re doing something, and in the way we’re doing it. But soon afterwards it would all fit nicely into place. ODM is constantly evolving, and that’s an experience I would love to go through again. Mentoring exercises we’ve done at ODM helped me face all my challenges and start functioning at a new level. They have been very helpful in business as well as private areas of my life. Looking back, if I had to single out just one thing that benefited me the most, it would be the fact that I’ve become a powerful tool for organization development. I grew into a more complete and aware person, with more resources and options at my disposal. My clients notice and appreciate that. I’m able to quickly gain insight into the reality of an organization, provide more complete diagnostics, explain the causes of problems they are facing and suggest more encompassing suggestions for development. From business trainer and coach I became a partner in integral development of my clients.” – Alan Ramić, M.Sc. (Aurantium, Professional services industry, 2013)


“Besides professional development in the field of financial management, auditing and tax consulting, I am constantly working on my personal development. When a friend of mine recommended ODM to me, I had up to that point finished a number of leadership, coaching and similar education programs. This school seemed as a logical step forward on my development path.

Work at ODM is extremely tough and demanding. I’m a mother of three children and an owner and general manager of a financial auditing company. Finding two days to go off into a ‘different world’ where I am just me, operating 24 hours a day being only me, without any additional roles, was a challenge. It was even more challenging to find and face in this ‘different world’ some parts of me I would rather sweep under the rug. But, surrounded with dedicated peers, all of them such wonderful people with great experiences, and directed by Daniela and Ivan, I managed to integrate all of my insights and quickly move forward. Practical work in small groups is immeasurably valuable and as much as those 2 days we spend together on the module are demanding, I can’t wait to see those people again and take something new to my everyday life and work.

Already at the very first module I got a priceless tool, a map which helps me orient in my personal and business journey. Each module then added more markings to that map, more dirt-roads and highways, scarcely populated villages and overcrowded cities, mountains with unassailable peaks and beautiful plateaus, vast plains and lifeless deserts, explosive volcanoes, muddy rivers and deep blue seas. I know that this map can never contain all of the ups and downs waiting for me in my life, but now, even when I’m in a new, unfamiliar territory, with all the markings on the map and with the awareness of the signs around me, I can tell if I’m going in the right direction and whether everything is normal.” – Branka Topolovec (BD Savjetovanje)

“Somewhere in the middle of my executive coaching I got the chance to further develop through ODM. I was interested to find out how organizations change and develop, how we develop personally and professionally, how I could integrate past experience with newly acquired knowledge and start applying all that in everyday work. From this aspect, my time at ODM was interesting and challenging. The fantastic way the group was formed made all the challenges in front of us easier. We got a ton of content in an easy, light-hearted way, through a relaxed communication with faculty members, demonstrations and mentoring. The literature we got and communication with mentors provoked further curiosity within me. It’s important for me to emphasize this: you’re at ODM even when you’re not at ODM. I take with me from ODM the ability to look at the world in a broader, more integrated way. Ability to look at the organization, environment and myself through a new lens and to anticipate the emerging future. I now have confidence in all the ways in which organizational development and personal development coexist and supplement each other. This opportunity to learn new methods of developing myself and others was simply precious.” – Marija Vičić (I&F McCANN Grupa, Advertising industry, 2014)

Nikolina Vlašić, Styria Media Group“I was motivated to join ODM by curiosity, new and very demanding business circumstances in which I was working, as well as previous experience of working with the faculty members. ODM was a memorable, unforgettable journey which was not over with my graduation but lasts and lives on. It’s a unique school which gave me the most extraordinary experience and outstanding knowledge. I carried from the school many precious insights into how single individuals, systems, organizations, states, religions… all function, how they are interconnected and how they influence each other. From this, I developed a more complex understanding and acceptance of these interconnections.” – Nikolina Vlašić (Styria Media Group, Media industry, 2013)